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Laser Skin Resurfacing
(Laser Peel)
How Will I Look And Feel
After Laser Skin
When the procedure is completed, a protective silicone dressing is used
to cover the treated areas before you leave the procedure room.  This
dressing significantly reduces the post-treatment discomfort and
shortens the recovery time.  The dressing will remain in place for
approximately five days.

You are likely to experience some mild to moderate swelling.  
However, medications prescribed for you will help you stay
comfortable.  Although everyone heals at a different rate, you can
expect your recovery to follow this general timeline:

The first three weeks:
♦you skin will be bright pink to red in color.  The redness is a positive
sign that the healing process is progressing and a new layer of collagen
is being laid down.
♦you can safely apply makeup as a concealer after about 10 days.
♦depending on how you feel, you will likely be able to return to work
after the first two weeks.

After a month:
♦the redness will start to fade and you will begin to appreciate your
improved appearance.

Months following treatment:
♦It is important to remember that the redness will fade gradually.  
Although the color will continue to diminish with every passing week,
some pinkness may remain for three to four months.  However, this is
easily concealed with makeup.
♦In the months following the procedure, it is essential to protect your
face from the sun until all color has returned to normal.  If you must be
in the sun, apply a strong sun block with an SPF of 30 or higher and
shade your face with a visor or wide brimmed hat.  You should also
wear good quality sunglasses that have filters to block 100% of UVA
and UVB rays.  If, during the healing period, sun-related darkening
occurs, Dr. Behmand may suggest a bleaching cream to even out the
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