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Laser Skin Resurfacing
(Laser Peel)
Are There Other Options?
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Precision and predictability are the major advantages of laser
skin resurfacing. However, laser resurfacing is not the only
method available to achieve some degree of facial skin refinishing.

Retin-A® treatment: is a light skin refinishing treatment that
involves regular applications of a vitamin A-enriched cream.  This is
part of the comprehensive skin care program discussed in the
care section.

Glycolic acid peel:  also called "fruity" acid peel, it is a light
resurfacing treatment that involves use of a prescription-strength
facial wash or cream.

Dermabrasion:  is a more aggressive method in which the surface
layer of the skin is removed with a motorized brush.  In light of the
advent and accuracy of lasers, this technique is not commonly used

Thermage®:  also known as ThermaCool™, this procedure utilizes
radiofrequency waves to tighten skin without surgery.  While the
effects are milder than that of the laser skin resurfacing, it produces
excellent results in appropriately selected patients and involves little
to no down time.  

Chemical Peel: a resurfacing method in which a chemical solution is
applied to peel away the top layer of skin, allowing a fresh new layer
to emerge.  

Lighter resurfacing options offer shorter recovery times.  However,
they may need to be repeated several times to achieve results that are
comparable to those achieved by laser resurfacing.  Dr. Behmand
will advise you if one of these methods is a better option for you.